Erik Samuelson, Chief Executive, AFC Wimbledon

“There’s a small number of key people I turn to when I am looking for advice or a challenge to my thinking. Kevin is one of them and I’ve sought his advice frequently over the years on a number of often critical campaigns and communications issues affecting AFC Wimbledon.

“I value his ability to step outside of a problem and examine it strategically and objectively. He also has an excellent eye for how an issue might play out in the media, amongst fans and other audiences.”


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Terry Brown, former manager of AFC Wimbledon, current manager of Basingstoke Town FC

I approached Kev through a mutual contact to seek advice on an important piece of public speaking I had to do as a manager at a very critical time. His advice and guidance in ensuring the right words and tone was invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.


Niamh O’Mahony, Acting CEO, SD Europe

I have worked with Kevin on several different projects to date, all of which required careful planning and a very specific, strategic approaches.

Kevin’s experience in the communication, media and PR sectors allowed him provide valuable insight and guidance as we prepared for critical meetings and events – and the outcomes were clear: we had an extremely successful project that fulfilled its potential. Key to this was Kevin’s enthusiasm, quick thinking and professionalism at all stages.

Kat Law

Katrina Law, Supporter Representative, The FA Council; Co-Chair, Spurs Trust; Supporters Direct England and Wales Council Member

I’ve worked with Kevin frequently over the past three years. First, in his capacity at Supporters Direct and latterly, as strategic consultant for the Olympic Stadium fan coalition.

I’ve always found him to be professional, driven, intuitive, sharp and switched on in terms of his approach.

Kevin is also extremely personable and an expert communicator, able to conduct conversations on many levels and to engage with numerous different audiences simultaneously.

Highly organised, efficient, self motivated, astute and sincere, with years of campaigning and lobbying experience, Kevin definitely has a lot to offer any organisation or group engaged with him.


Jay McKenna, Chair, Spirit of Shankly

We engaged Kevin to undertake an important piece of work for us on structured dialogue and supporter communications with Liverpool Football Club, as part of our broader response to a review of this area already commissioned by the club itself.

Kevin’s expertise and knowledge in the field is second-to-none, and resulted in a thorough, well researched report, which gave a clear assessment of the situation, providing a set of recommendations that we will be taking forward in our work with the football club.

Kevin is also someone who ‘gets it’; he understands football supporters and what is important to them.

I work with clubs, supporters and their representatives to resolve difficulties and establish better relationships that get everyone talking.

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