Are Orient fans asking for too much? 

The Leyton Orient Fans Trust has just published a ‘Fit and Proper Orient Test’, which understandably has caused a lot of response, at least on Twitter, where I’ve been following the discussions. As a tool to promote the name and aims of the trust itself, it’s rather a natty little idea. But let’s just dispenseContinue reading “Are Orient fans asking for too much? “

Want to reform football? Then stop and read this….

Following a post I wrote yesterday about Shaun Harvey offering an ‘open goal’ for football reformers, a few people challenged me about it. One or two were curious about what I actually meant when I talked about ‘strategic’. Reform is, well, reform. Isn’t it? We all want that? Can you see the problem already? OfContinue reading “Want to reform football? Then stop and read this….”

Shaun Harvey presents an open goal to reformers

Shaun Harvey has put it on record that the League is prepared to discuss a more interventionist approach at The EFL in an interview with the London Evening Standard, saying, ‘We want to see good owners of football clubs running stable clubs where fans are able to enjoy the football. We are never going toContinue reading “Shaun Harvey presents an open goal to reformers”