Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber

I’ve just spent 45 mins-or-so in the company of Brighton and Hove Albion Chief Executive, Paul Barber, who I was interviewing for the ‘personal project’ that brings my Diploma in Public Relations to a close. I’m also interviewing supporters’ representatives, journalists, officials and other CEOs. The subject I’m looking at concerns two-way communications between English football clubs and their ‘stakeholders’Continue reading “Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber”

Women at the Game: You can take part

I’m diverting from the usual focus of this website to publicise an important new initiative established by my friend and former colleague, Jacqui Forster. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, so please, read on… Football clubs around the country are invited to join in with the Women at the Game initiative asContinue reading “Women at the Game: You can take part”

Walking the tightrope the Swansea City way

Swansea City Supporters Trust is often held up as an example of a supporters’ trust actively and beneficially influencing the direction of a club. They’re obviously blessed with the status of being in the Premier League, but I’m not always sure that’s such a great blessing: whilst that’s obviously of great benefit financially we should also rememberContinue reading “Walking the tightrope the Swansea City way”

Stretched to breaking point: The Football League’s response to the Price of Football

Last week I took a look at the response from The Premier League to the BBC Price of Football survey, which was as you’d expect a pretty sophisticated attempt to debunk the negatives and position the issue in their favour. Statistics aren’t as stretchy as elastic bands I thought it worth doing the same with theContinue reading “Stretched to breaking point: The Football League’s response to the Price of Football”

Decoding The Premier League’s response to the Price of Football

The Premier League in particular has become very adept at shaping the message that it wants people to hear about its competition, and is very successful at it. For years at Supporters Direct, though I didn’t often like what they did – or even sometimes how they did it – I was always in someContinue reading “Decoding The Premier League’s response to the Price of Football”

Northampton Town and the art of managing a crisis in football

Reading Northampton Town Chairman David Cardoza’s rather empty and unconvincing statement on their latest financial trouble this morning (a winding up petition from HMRC) set my mind racing about the ‘art’ (I use the term loosely) of crisis communications in football. Crisis? What crisis? Cardoza’s current predicament is but one of at least three largeContinue reading “Northampton Town and the art of managing a crisis in football”