Controversy over Everton’s Allardyce shows why fan surveys don’t work

Plenty of people spat out their tea this morning after reading that Everton have sent out a survey to their supporters, part of which is to rate the manager, Sam Allardyce. Allardyce has plenty of critics, but that’s not the point. For someone like me interested in Fan Engagment, trying to understand the thinking ofContinue reading “Controversy over Everton’s Allardyce shows why fan surveys don’t work”

Focus Groups for Football Clubs – some lessons

I feel very lucky doing the kind of work I do. I love the interaction with supporters, with officials, directors, owners. There are so many dynamics and relationships in a football club, and they need understanding, people need listening to, conversations need to happen. I’m even luckier that from time-to-time I get to indulge inContinue reading “Focus Groups for Football Clubs – some lessons”