AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition

Wimbledon Manager Neal Ardley has been struggling of late. Six defeats on the bounce, and it’s etched on his face. The pressure must be immense. I know from conversations I’ve had in the past that he’s the kind of manager who takes a lot on his shoulders, and can be quite tough on himself. He’sContinue reading “AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition”

Does dialogue without democracy work in football?

A friend of mine on Twitter asked an interesting question last week. I reproduce it below (I’m assuming he doesn’t mind my reproducing it, as it’s a good point that helps me to make an important one about the relationship between clubs and supporters): I make a reasonable assumption that what Tom is talking aboutContinue reading “Does dialogue without democracy work in football?”

Nottingham Forest – can they really become ‘the model club’ for fans?

Incoming owner of Forest, the Greek businessman Evangelos M. Marinakis, has proclaimed his vision of a the club becoming ‘the model club in England for fan and community participation’. It’s certainly a significant step-change from the previous owner, Fawaz Al Hasawi. The announcement says: ‘Because Nottingham and the region are home to excellent universities, fanContinue reading “Nottingham Forest – can they really become ‘the model club’ for fans?”

Spirit of Shankly releases its report on supporter engagement

  The following story has just been published on the Spirit of Shankly website. As the report’s author, I now reproduce it here. You can download a copy of the report via this link. Following Liverpool Football Club’s (LFC) announcement yesterday about their ‘new supporter liaison and engagement process’ – the result of an independentContinue reading “Spirit of Shankly releases its report on supporter engagement”

Fan Engagement interview: Duncan Drasdo, Manchester United Supporters Trust

For my latest chat, I decided to speak with Duncan Drasdo, the Chief Executive of the Manchester United Supporters Trust. I’ve known Duncan since the heady days of the Glazer takeover in 2005 (a day on which as I recall I spent several hours at Broadcasting House in London doing more than a dozen radioContinue reading “Fan Engagement interview: Duncan Drasdo, Manchester United Supporters Trust”

Coventry City: A solution

I’ve been talking a lot about Coventry City recently. It’s a case I’m very familiar with, having previously advised the Sky Blue Trust throughout the torturous period that the club was moved to Northampton, and then unceremoniously had their ground taken over by a cuckoo-esque move by Wasps. Let’s face it, the case is aboutContinue reading “Coventry City: A solution”

The Fan Engagement Interview: Kevin Boroduwicz, Blackpool Supporters Trust

As a term, ‘fan engagement’ is one that I’ve already explained my views on. It is a blanket term that is largely unsuited to the role of fans as a stakeholder in their clubs, and, in terms of the football authorities (largely The FA, but also the leagues), the wider game. It seems like anContinue reading “The Fan Engagement Interview: Kevin Boroduwicz, Blackpool Supporters Trust”