Shaun Harvey presents an open goal to reformers

Shaun Harvey has put it on record that the League is prepared to discuss a more interventionist approach at The EFL in an interview with the London Evening Standard, saying, ‘We want to see good owners of football clubs running stable clubs where fans are able to enjoy the football. We are never going toContinue reading “Shaun Harvey presents an open goal to reformers”


Twenty isn’t plenty in The EFL…

Virgin Media are in the middle of an advertising blitz, promoting their ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ offering with The Football Supporters Federation. The first thing you’d think about such a campaign is ‘everyone’s a winner’, right? Well, no. And this is why: First things first: I think the campaign to reduce the price of tickets is absolutely bang-on.Continue reading “Twenty isn’t plenty in The EFL…”

Fan Engagement: They can hear you, but are they actually listening? 

I’m not the biggest fan of the term ‘fan engagement’. Of course in general it’s a laudable aim – welcome in fact – that one of the major stakeholders of football should be regarded as more than simply the attendee of a sporting event, or worse still, an inconvenience. However, what does concern me isContinue reading “Fan Engagement: They can hear you, but are they actually listening? “