The Premier League and ‘Dialogue’: An urgent change of approach is needed

It used to be that you couldn’t get the authorities to sit down with the supporters or their representatives to discuss anything, or if they did, it might involve them coming to the annual conference of Supporters Direct or The FSF (now combined into the ‘supporters summit’). Sometimes it meant a speech from a lessContinue reading “The Premier League and ‘Dialogue’: An urgent change of approach is needed”

Port Vale: Time to invest in the supporters (updated) 

Earlier on today I did an interview on BBC Radio Stoke, talking about how Port Vale has been put up for sale by owner Norman Smurthwaite (if you’re interested it’s 14:50 min in on Sport at Six There’s a tendency when these things happen to talk about ‘investors’, and how the club should beContinue reading “Port Vale: Time to invest in the supporters (updated) “

The state of ‘Supporter Engagement’ in English football

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on supporters as ‘stakeholders’. Alongside terms like ‘engagement’, ‘dialogue’ and ‘structured relationships’ it’s become a term that is used a lot, and sadly, abused. I’ve done some recent work on this area for the Liverpool supporters’ trust Spirit of Shankly (more on that soon), but what reallyContinue reading “The state of ‘Supporter Engagement’ in English football”

Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber

I’ve just spent 45 mins-or-so in the company of Brighton and Hove Albion Chief Executive, Paul Barber, who I was interviewing for the ‘personal project’ that brings my Diploma in Public Relations to a close. I’m also interviewing supporters’ representatives, journalists, officials and other CEOs. The subject I’m looking at concerns two-way communications between English football clubs and their ‘stakeholders’Continue reading “Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber”