AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition

Wimbledon Manager Neal Ardley has been struggling of late. Six defeats on the bounce, and it’s etched on his face. The pressure must be immense. I know from conversations I’ve had in the past that he’s the kind of manager who takes a lot on his shoulders, and can be quite tough on himself. He’sContinue reading “AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition”

Buyer beware! How to solve the crisis at Sunderland (and other clubs besides)

Sunderland is all at sea. I don’t need to add to the reams of writing about Ellis Short and the demise of his interest in the club. It’s a sad sight for any team to be bottom of a division largely on the basis, it seems to me, that it’s all gone bad behind theContinue reading “Buyer beware! How to solve the crisis at Sunderland (and other clubs besides)”

Charlton Athletic – Comical Ali in retreat?

Just six months ago, I wrote a post that outlined how those in charge at Charlton Athletic could begin to at least stop the rot, though I did lean towards the idea that it might just be too far gone, so badly had relations deteriorated. When it was subsequently republished on the When Saturday ComesContinue reading “Charlton Athletic – Comical Ali in retreat?”

Northampton Town and the art of managing a crisis in football

Reading Northampton Town Chairman David Cardoza’s rather empty and unconvincing statement on their latest financial trouble this morning (a winding up petition from HMRC) set my mind racing about the ‘art’ (I use the term loosely) of crisis communications in football. Crisis? What crisis? Cardoza’s current predicament is but one of at least three largeContinue reading “Northampton Town and the art of managing a crisis in football”