Focus Groups for Football Clubs – some lessons

I feel very lucky doing the kind of work I do. I love the interaction with supporters, with officials, directors, owners. There are so many dynamics and relationships in a football club, and they need understanding, people need listening to, conversations need to happen. I’m even luckier that from time-to-time I get to indulge inContinue reading “Focus Groups for Football Clubs – some lessons”

Where do fans fit?

I’m looking at communications practice at English football clubs as part of my CIPR PR Diploma personal project. Specifically, I’m looking at whether we see much two-way ‘symmetrical’ communications (where both sides are prepared to change their positions as a result of the relationship and conversations attached to it), why clubs (and sometimes fans too) areContinue reading “Where do fans fit?”

The Fan Engagement interview: Jay McKenna, Spirit of Shankly

Those who know me will know that my aim as someone who works in football is for clubs, fans and the authorities to understand each other better, and for them to be able to have much better and more productive dialogue, and more meaningful relationships. As part of that, I decided to carry out interviewsContinue reading “The Fan Engagement interview: Jay McKenna, Spirit of Shankly”