Want to reform football? Then stop and read this….

Following a post I wrote yesterday about Shaun Harvey offering an ‘open goal’ for football reformers, a few people challenged me about it. One or two were curious about what I actually meant when I talked about ‘strategic’. Reform is, well, reform. Isn’t it? We all want that? Can you see the problem already? OfContinue reading “Want to reform football? Then stop and read this….”

Twenty isn’t plenty in The EFL…

Virgin Media are in the middle of an advertising blitz, promoting their ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ offering with The Football Supporters Federation.┬áThe first thing you’d think about such a campaign is ‘everyone’s a winner’, right? Well, no. And this is why: First things first: I think the campaign to reduce the price of tickets is absolutely bang-on.Continue reading “Twenty isn’t plenty in The EFL…”