My Approach

I have worked in football across the UK and Europe for over 14 years, and I am confident that no-one else in the market offers my level of knowledge about how supporters think, operate, and how clubs position themselves and communicate, and how that can either cause problems in their relationships, or improve them immeasurably.

There are other consultants and agencies working in football, but these often offer one of two, outdated approaches: either rooted in managing supporters as a problem, seeking to deflect or manage problems; or the new trend, imported from the US, of ‘Fan Engagement’ rooted in advertising, marketing or sales.

There’s nothing wrong in any of this, but it doesn’t get to the heart of what a football club’s modern needs are, nor the expectations of its supporters – particularly organised groups of supporters, who often present a tricky challenge to owners, directors and officials.

I offer an approach that doesn’t shy away from reality, that integrates genuine dialogue, and the importance of good relationships as a fundamental starting point for good communications and PR by clubs. I am well connected – amongst individual, national and international supporters’ groups, the authorities, clubs, other football organisations, the media and politics.

I also write and speak on the subject. I have already been recognised by the RSA for my work, and I have a unique insight into how supporters think and act. My position is that the football industry, like any other does sometimes, needs to be challenged and to change its practice. Maybe I can help you?