Are Orient fans asking for too much? 

The Leyton Orient Fans Trust has just published a ‘Fit and Proper Orient Test’, which understandably has caused a lot of response, at least on Twitter, where I’ve been following the discussions. As a tool to promote the name and aims of the trust itself, it’s rather a natty little idea. But let’s just dispenseContinue reading “Are Orient fans asking for too much? “

Women at the Game launches tonight

Women at the Game launches tonight at Hotel Football, opposite Old Trafford. The event was moved following this week’s terrible events in Manchester. The brainchild of Jacqui Forster, it aims to give women their first taste of live football in a supportive environment or to create a friends’ group for women to be together whoContinue reading “Women at the Game launches tonight”

So it’s goodbye from them…..

Portsmouth sharedholders have voted to sell the club to US businessman Michael Eisner’s curiously titled ‘Tourante Group’. Although their title of ‘community owned club’ was always stretching the definition a bit, they had in place various legal agreements that prevented the club changing hands, particularly important given the 48.25% held by the Pompey Trust, earnedContinue reading “So it’s goodbye from them…..”

Spirit of Shankly releases its report on supporter engagement

  The following story has just been published on the Spirit of Shankly website. As the report’s author, I now reproduce it here. You can download a copy of the report via this link. Following Liverpool Football Club’s (LFC) announcement yesterday about their ‘new supporter liaison and engagement process’ – the result of an independentContinue reading “Spirit of Shankly releases its report on supporter engagement”

How do you solve a problem like Bechetti?

There are crises and there are crises. Football is all too often expert in generating its own, and there is no more exemplar of this currently than Leyton Orient. The sight of a club falling to pieces before your eyes is sad in any circumstance. When it’s a club which, just a few years agoContinue reading “How do you solve a problem like Bechetti?”

Where do fans fit?

I’m looking at communications practice at English football clubs as part of my CIPR PR Diploma personal project. Specifically, I’m looking at whether we see much two-way ‘symmetrical’ communications (where both sides are prepared to change their positions as a result of the relationship and conversations attached to it), why clubs (and sometimes fans too) areContinue reading “Where do fans fit?”

Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber

I’ve just spent 45 mins-or-so in the company of Brighton and Hove Albion Chief Executive, Paul Barber, who I was interviewing for the ‘personal project’ that brings my Diploma in Public Relations to a close. I’m also interviewing supporters’ representatives, journalists, officials and other CEOs. The subject I’m looking at concerns two-way communications between English football clubs and their ‘stakeholders’Continue reading “Brighton & Hove Albion’s visible man: Paul Barber”

Women at the Game: You can take part

I’m diverting from the usual focus of this website to publicise an important new initiative established by my friend and former colleague, Jacqui Forster. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, so please, read on… Football clubs around the country are invited to join in with the Women at the Game initiative asContinue reading “Women at the Game: You can take part”