The London Football Exchange: It’s disruption, not ‘democracy’

The grandly titled ‘London Football Exchange’ (LFE) has launched, positioning itself even more grandly as ‘Democratising Football through the Blockchain.’ For those who don’t know (and I have a very basic understanding myself), the Blockchain ‘allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping.’ (If you want to read more, youContinue reading “The London Football Exchange: It’s disruption, not ‘democracy’”

My guide to PR crisis management

Whilst it’s fresh in my mind, I thought I’d just venture to offer a little bit of advice on crisis mangement in PR. There may well be people better placed than me to advise on managing a crisis, but I’ve done a few, including one-or-two recently, and I think I’ve got some good advice toContinue reading “My guide to PR crisis management”