Talk isn’t cheap: My advice to Blackpool fans and The EFL

Talk isn't cheap: My advice to Blackpool fans and The @EFL #blackpoolfc #tangerines #oystonfreebfc


Shaun Harvey presents an open goal to reformers

Shaun Harvey has put it on record that the League is prepared to discuss a more interventionist approach at The EFL in an interview with the London Evening Standard, saying, 'We want to see good owners of football clubs running stable clubs where fans are able to enjoy the football. We are never going to …

Stretched to breaking point: The Football League’s response to the Price of Football

Last week I took a look at the response from The Premier League to the BBC Price of Football survey, which was as you'd expect a pretty sophisticated attempt to debunk the negatives and position the issue in their favour. Statistics aren't as stretchy as elastic bands I thought it worth doing the same with┬áthe …