Charlton Athletic and the return of Comical Ali

Charlton Athletic is a club that once was admired: as a mass, they fought their way back from the brink, sharing at Selhurst Park, left to rot by a council that cared not one iota about the future of their borough’s football club, until that is their political position was threatened by the Valley PartyContinue reading “Charlton Athletic and the return of Comical Ali”

Coventry City: A solution

I’ve been talking a lot about Coventry City recently. It’s a case I’m very familiar with, having previously advised the Sky Blue Trust throughout the torturous period that the club was moved to Northampton, and then unceremoniously had their ground taken over by a cuckoo-esque move by Wasps. Let’s face it, the case is aboutContinue reading “Coventry City: A solution”

The Fan Engagement Interview: Kevin Boroduwicz, Blackpool Supporters Trust

As a term, ‘fan engagement’ is one that I’ve already explained my views on. It is a blanket term that is largely unsuited to the role of fans as a stakeholder in their clubs, and, in terms of the football authorities (largely The FA, but also the leagues), the wider game. It seems like anContinue reading “The Fan Engagement Interview: Kevin Boroduwicz, Blackpool Supporters Trust”

My guide to PR crisis management

Whilst it’s fresh in my mind, I thought I’d just venture to offer a little bit of advice on crisis mangement in PR. There may well be people better placed than me to advise on managing a crisis, but I’ve done a few, including one-or-two recently, and I think I’ve got some good advice toContinue reading “My guide to PR crisis management”