The FA’s reputation and Ladbrokes: the game has changed

News has been announced that The FA has cancelled its sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes. It’s something that’s been welcomed by a number of people, after countless occasions where their role as regulator of sports gambling has clashed with such partnerships. Whilst much of the focus will be on the decision itself, I wanted to briefly […]

Are Orient fans asking for too much? 

The Leyton Orient Fans Trust has just published a ‘Fit and Proper Orient Test’, which understandably has caused a lot of response, at least on Twitter, where I’ve been following the discussions. As a tool to promote the name and aims of the trust itself, it’s rather a natty little idea. But let’s just dispense […]

Women at the Game launches tonight

Women at the Game launches tonight at Hotel Football, opposite Old Trafford. The event was moved following this week’s terrible events in Manchester. The brainchild of Jacqui Forster, it aims to give women their first taste of live football in a supportive environment or to create a friends’ group for women to be together who […]

So it’s goodbye from them…..

Portsmouth sharedholders have voted to sell the club to US businessman Michael Eisner’s curiously titled ‘Tourante Group’. Although their title of ‘community owned club’ was always stretching the definition a bit, they had in place various legal agreements that prevented the club changing hands, particularly important given the 48.25% held by the Pompey Trust, earned […]

Nottingham Forest – can they really become ‘the model club’ for fans?

Incoming owner of Forest, the Greek businessman Evangelos M. Marinakis, has proclaimed his vision of a the club becoming ‘the model club in England for fan and community participation’. It’s certainly a significant step-change from the previous owner, Fawaz Al Hasawi. The announcement says: ‘Because Nottingham and the region are home to excellent universities, fan […]