Fan Engagement Index 2019/2020 is out!

Exeter City win for a second year. Everton, Leicester City, Norwich City, Reading amongst top at Engagement in 2019/2020 season. The latest Covid delayed Fan Engagement Index for the 2019/2020 season has been released by Think Fan Engagement (formerly Fan Insights), and it’s clear that the leadership of the so-called Big Six are paying lipContinue reading “Fan Engagement Index 2019/2020 is out!”

Fan Engagement Index Launched

Fan Engagement Index launched Top four divisions scored on relationship with their fans The first Fan Engagement Index for English football has been launched, scoring each of the clubs in the top four-divisions on the relationship with their fans. It places each club in a league table comprising three areas: Dialogue, Governance and Transparency. AtContinue reading “Fan Engagement Index Launched”

‘Own AFC’ – Frankenstein’s Monster rises

I pondered for a while before I decided to write this article, largely because I didn’t want to give ‘Own AFC’ the oxygen of publicity. But as we’ve learned throughout history, there’s always someone trying to repackage an idea as new and radically different, when we all recognise it as the same, tired concept, withContinue reading “‘Own AFC’ – Frankenstein’s Monster rises”

Campaigns that work: My lessons from The Peoples’ Vote & #walkouton77

The last couple of days I’ve been looking at and talking about, campaigns, particularly with some of those who as Liverpool fans organised the amazingly successful #walkouton77 in early 2016. It’s also a fascinating time, as we see the #PeoplesVote campaign emerge from right at the back of the pack, to now being one ofContinue reading “Campaigns that work: My lessons from The Peoples’ Vote & #walkouton77”

AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition

Wimbledon Manager Neal Ardley has been struggling of late. Six defeats on the bounce, and it’s etched on his face. The pressure must be immense. I know from conversations I’ve had in the past that he’s the kind of manager who takes a lot on his shoulders, and can be quite tough on himself. He’sContinue reading “AFC Wimbledon: Football needs more counterintuition”

What the ‘inventors’ of the beautiful game need to learn

I was speaking on Tuesday this week (8th October) as part of my work with Fan Insights to a group of senior Danish Superliga Executives and officials at an event organised by the Fan Experience Company. It’s a pleasure listening to what others have been doing, finding out what works, what doesn’t, and what theyContinue reading “What the ‘inventors’ of the beautiful game need to learn”

Whatever comes next, Supporters Direct changed the rules of the game…

The recent vote to merge the two national supporters organisations, Supporters Direct (SD) and The Football Supporters Federation (FSF), will have been missed by most of you I suspect. I worked for SD for over 11 years – though you were never simply an ‘employee’, often more like an evangelist, stirring up the congregation, fillingContinue reading “Whatever comes next, Supporters Direct changed the rules of the game…”

Fan Insights is now live!

If your club doesn’t have the know-how to deliver Fan Engagement, or you’ve been wasting time and money you can’t afford on consultation that doesn’t work, Fan Insights can help you. You can find us at Fan Engagement isn’t about tech, sales or marketing. It’s about the relationship between fans and their clubs, and FanContinue reading “Fan Insights is now live!”

My friend Jacqui Forster

Jacqui Forster. What is there to say? She touched so many people’s lives, and did so much good. I knew her from 2004, when I started working on a temporary contract at Supporters Direct, within about nine months of her starting. That’s when our friendship was really forged: I knew nothing about the rules, andContinue reading “My friend Jacqui Forster”