About Me

I started going to football aged about five, when Wimbledon FC first entered the League in the 1970s. I experienced many fantastic highs, but later on, the lows, and just how badly relations can deteriorate between those owning and running a club and those supporting it.

I was part of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters’ Association (WISA) which tried to save, and then resurrected, Wimbledon’s football club (AFC Wimbledon as it became).

In 2004 I went to work for Supporters Direct and SD Europe, where over more than eleven years I helped supporters and clubs to build better relationships. I worked with The Premier League, EFL, National League, The FA, FAI (Rep of Ireland), RBFA (Belgium) UEFA and others to understand the importance of good relationships with supporters.

My work helped lead to the Government Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership and Engagement for English football, and I was a project manager for the Improving Football Governance project for SD Europe across eight European countries, which sought to improve the relationship between supporters and their clubs.

I also have extensive experience in most areas of communications and Public Relations, including campaign strategy, public affairs/lobbying, media/publicity strategy, and social media strategy.

As a consultant with over 14 years experience of working with supporters all over the UK and Europe, I understand their priorities and frustrations, how they think and what they want. I also know the challenges clubs face in football today, and I build bridges between the two, helping to forge understanding and agreement, while advising clubs on how best to communicate with their biggest stakeholder.

In 2017 I passed my Diploma in Public Relations (now known as the Professional PR Diploma), and in 2016 I was invited to become a Fellow of the RSA because of this work. I am also a member of the Chartered Institution of Public Relations.

I am listed on the CIPR’s lobbying register http://www.lobbying-register.uk/corporate/C-00063.html and a Member of the NUJ (PR and Communications Branch)

I also have public liability insurance, and I am indemnified.

Don’t just take it from me. This is what my clients say!

I work with clubs, supporters and their representatives to resolve difficulties and establish better relationships that get everyone talking.

If you’re interested in finding out more about structured dialogue, managing relationships with your supporters,  and communicating better with them, you can sign up for a free phonecall from me, below.