Confused about structured dialogue? Help is at hand…

‘Structured Dialogue’ is, like ‘Fan Engagement’, ‘Structured Relationships’ and ‘Structured Engagement’, a term that’s entered the football vocabulary in the last few years at something of a rapid pace.

All of sudden, you hear talk of ‘memorandums of understanding’ between supporters’ trusts, groups and clubs; fans parliaments; ‘engagement strategies’ and more. But what does this all mean?

It’s a good question, and as usual in a developing field like that of structured dialogue, and more broadly supporter communications, there are plenty of opinions.

Fans aren’t all the same, and each club is different, so what I can’t offer you off-the-shelf solutions. What I can offer you is an expert analysis – a ‘health-check’ of your current structures and practice, and help to find the right way for you to work with your supporters and their representatives.

As a consultant with over 14 years of experience of working with supporters all over the UK and Europe, I understand them, what they think and what they want. I also know the challenges clubs face, and I build bridges between the two, help to forge understanding and agreement, and advise clubs on how to communicate with their biggest stakeholder.

If you’re interested in finding out more about structured dialogue, managing relationships with your supporters,  and communicating better with them, you can contact me. You can even sign up for a free phonecall from me via the Contact Me page of my website.



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